British Council presenting live music and film evening in Nairobi

All Night Long
All Night Long (1962) stars Patrick McGoohan, Betsy Blair, Richard Attenborough.

The British Council is presenting a live music and film screening this Wednesday (18 May) of All Night Long, an updated version of Shakespeare’s Othello, as part of the EU Film Festival in Nairobi and the Shakespeare Lives celebration.

The evening hopes to recall London’s smoky and sensational 1960’s jazz scene with saxophonist Joseph Rabai and percussionist Kasiva Mutua providing live music at the event.

All Night Long is a 1962 movie which charts virtuoso drummer Johnnie Cousin’s (Patrick McGoohan) attempts to persuade singer Delia Lane (Marti Stevens) to join his new jazz band. When she refuses he ensnares her possessive husband by insinuating that Delia’s having an affair with the band manager.

All Night Long at the British CouncilThe movie cleverly transposes Shakespeare’s Othello to the 1960s Soho jazz scene, and among the terrific cast, jazz luminaries Dave Brubeck, Charlie Mingus and John Dankworth break up the intense drama with tunes that bring this curio to swinging life.

The evening begins at 7pm at the Alliance Française Cine Cafe with tickets costing Ksh100 for adults and Ksh50 for students.

If you are unable to make the film and jam session, there is another chance to see the movie itself the following Thursday (26 May).