British Council tackles gender based violence at Kisumu Festival

Tony Reilly
Tony Reilly talking to the media. Photo: Twitter/WaihenyaKabiru

British Council Country Director in Kenya, Tony Reilly, has been at the Kisumu Community Festival with Premier Skills to take park in a campaign aimed at ending violence against women and girls.

Premier Skills is a British Council and Premier League partnership, set up to provide community football coaching round the world as well as free English language materials for teachers and learners.

Today’s training included a session on drug abuse, a kit donation from Aston Villa, community discussions on gender based violence, with Kisumu’s First lady Kisumu Olivia Ranguma pledging her support.

Also in attendance was British Council regional director for Sub-Saharan Africa who addressed the crowds on the subject of ending violence against women and girls.

Tony Reilly also took his turn in goal, but his performance is unlikely to see him signed up by newly relegated Villa, despite reports he managed to score a penalty himself.