British food technology firm hoping to transform Kenyan farming

Jason Hawkins-Row from Aponic
Jason Hawkins-Row from Aponic. Photo: Facebook

Founder of Suffolk-based Aponic, Jason Hawkins-Row, is visiting Kenya later this month to install his vertical soilless growing systems on two state-owned farms and help create an education programme for Kenyan farmers to help them take advantage of the technology.

The visit comes after Parliamentary officials invited Mr Hawkins-Row following a recent reception at the Kenyan High Commission in London.

By using the Aponic systems, huge yields of herbs, salad crops, fruit and vegetables can be grown using little water and carbon. The technology could potentially revolutionise farming techniques in countries, like Kenya, where resources are stretched.

“They are quite determined and want to put this into Kenya in a fairly large fashion. I can’t get out there fast enough for them. We will set up an initial site on two farms in Nairobi and once that’s established we will go out there and run courses. We will create a university course for the local farmers to learn about it.” – Jason Hawkins-Row

The company was able to develop commercially after receiving funding from Agri-Tech East and South Africa, Egypt, India, and Pakistan as well as the Falkland Islands, have also expressed an interest in adopting the Aponic systems.