Health and Safety Administration Officer

British High Commission in Nairobi
British High Commission in Nairobi

The UK High Commission in Kenya are advertising for an Administration Officer to coordinate the implementation of Health and Safety recommendations in the British High Commission Nairobi, and to lead on the administration and documentation required.

Roles and responsibilities

A 2014 Mini Building Hazard Risk Assessment identified over 500 recommendations to be implemented, including on fire, water, electricity safety, and other health and safety matters. This role involves looking at each section of the Hazard Risk Assessment and identifying clear leads within the Corporate Services team, and supporting and monitoring the delivering of the recommendations.

The day to day work would include

  • Manage Health and Safety recordkeeping and reporting requirements
  • Separating those items in each section that should be carried out by a contractor on a regular basis for example; servicing of hot water boilers, with those that could be carried out by officers or cleaners such as flushing the little used outlets weekly, or by the technical works group for their workshops
  • Writing the required documents for those sections that need it, for example asset registers such as security equipment, or critical glazing
  • Prepare an asset register and work with Technical Works Group and Estates to develop planned preventative maintenance programmes and replacement schedules
  • Undertaking research into some of the areas required, e.g. asbestos surveys, provision for disposal of various waste streams
  • Acting as Secretary to the Health and Safety Committee
  • Leading on Health and Safety messaging to the wider High Commission, including drawing up an annual Health and Safety messaging programme, and finding innovative ways of communicating it to staff and families
  • Co-ordinate on behalf of the Health and Safety Manager the completion of all Health and Safety inspections, audits and checklists and provide monthly progress updates to Director of Corporate Services and the Post Operations Board
  • Provide monthly data for key performance indicators for Health and Safety
  • Assist in development and implementation of the safety training for new employee orientation and annual required programs
  • Monitoring expenditure on the Health and Safety line of the Maintenance budget.

The deadline for applications is 12 April 2016.

For more information and to apply for this role, please visit the UK High Commission recruitment page.