Nic Hailey meets young Kenyan entrepreneurs in Mombasa

Nic Hailey at Imarisha Vijana centre
Nic Hailey meets beneficiaries of Imarisha Vijana centre at the MEWA resource centre. Photo: Facebook/TheKuzaProject

UK High Commissioner to Kenya, Nic Hailey today met beneficiaries of the Imarisha Vijana Centre at the Muslim Education and Welfare Association (MEWA) resource centre in Mombasa.

Accompanied by UK Department for International Development (DFID) officials, he heard from the young entrepreneurs who are currently running various small businesses after completing the entrepreneurship skills course at the centre, which is part of the Kuza Project.

“Even in this brief visit today I’ve been really inspired by the stories of the people that I’ve talked to, the work that people are doing to make a better future,to create jobs for themselves, to make money and provide a better future for their families. Its fantastic stuff.” – Nic Hailey

Earlier in the day, the High Commissioner was present at the announcement of an additional Ksh 100 million in support for the Kuza Project from the Department for International Development funded UKaid.