Watch Nic Hailey appear as KTN’s Morning Express Person of Interest

Nic Hailey on KTN Morning Express
Nic Hailey and Michael Gitonga on KTN's Morning Express Person of Interest

It was an early start this morning for the UK High Commissioner to Kenya, Nic Hailey, who was appearing on KTN’s Morning Express breakfast show with Michael Gitonga as their ‘Person of Interest’.

During the half hour segment, UK’s Kenya representative discusses his early life in the UK, from growing up during the 1970’s near Gloucester in a self sustainable community which also educated children with special needs.

He discusses his childhood dreams of being a fireman or train driver, but his later aspirations of being a pilot were scuppered by his poor hand eye co-ordination!

While at University, he decided he wanted to do a job which involved working abroad, but one which allowed him to settle in particular countries and immerse himself into different cultures, rather than just travelling around. So he had a choice of either becoming a journalist or a diplomat and he chose the latter.

Mr Hailey discusses the difficulties of the role of a diplomat, such as having to think ahead about where the job will take him and his family next due to the transient nature of the job. He also said how he is proud of the relationship between the UK and Kenya where the former is contributing to the development of the latter while also helping to build a mutual beneficial relationship between the two countries.

They then go on to discuss Mr Hailey’s family and his 8 and 10 year old children who he says are the “perfect age” to come to Kenya, and describes the “magical” look on his youngest daughter’s face when she saw a giraffe for the first time shortly after arriving in the country.

Viewers also saw pictures from the High Commissioner’s childhood in Britain through to his wedding to his French wife Caroline, who now works for the World Bank in Kenya.

On moving to Nairobi, the High Commissioner talks about the traffic, the great weather and the warm welcome he has received. He also revealed he had tried nyama choma, was enjoying roast goat, but was still “getting to grips” with ugali.

Mr Hailey also discussed the historical relationship between the two countries. He explained how, before taking up his current role, he was aware of how the two countries were “connected” through safety and security, business and education, while acknowledging the sometimes “painful” history which needed addressing.