Captain America 3: Civil War – Marvel Studios release final trailer

Superhero fans have finally had their prayers answered with the first look of Tom Holland’s new Spider-Man (along with the magically shrinking eyes on his mask) in the final Captain America: Civil War trailer which was released yesterday by Marvel Studios.

Peter Parker’s role in the third Captain America film have been kept largely under wraps since Marvel regained the rights to use the character in their ‘universe’, but this glimpse of the Spidey doesn’t give any clue as to what side he is on in the movie.

In the comics version of the Civil War storyline, Peter Parker originally sides with Iron Man’s pro-superhuman registration forces, even going so far as to reveal his identity to the world (before magically taking it back). But after Tony Stark goes insane, begins working with villains and incarcerates his one-time friends in an interdimensional prison without a trial, Spider-Man eventually turns against him and ends up being beaten to a pulp.

Will this latest movies follow that same storyline? All will be revealed when it is release in the UK on April 29.