Village teams up to rescue elephant from muddy well in Isiolo

Rescued elephant in NRT
The 20 year old bull elephant is rescued. Photos: Instagram/batian_kenya

A 20-year-old bull elephant which had become trapped in a muddy well at Isiolo in the Northern Rangeland Trust community conservancy, was saved from almost dying from dehydration when the local community came together to launch a dramatic rescue.

Suffering from dehydration, the elephant was given 100 litres of water before rescuers began the four hour rescue mission which involved lots of digging, pulling and 3 cars, to free the elephant who then walked away safely.

Video footage posted online shows the terrified dehydrated elephant, caked in mud, having water poured down its trunk using buckets and watering cans.

Wildlife charity group Save the Elephants also lent a hand in the rescue.

The elephant did not appear to have incurred any serious injuries during its ordeal and was able to walk away from the scene after being rescued, according to the conservancy.

Later, the team revealed that the elephant has since been sighted and is doing well.

The conservancy added: ‘The trust this dehydrated and scared wild animal showed in his rescuers was beyond incredible.’