UKaid supporting the Girls’ Education Challenge in Kenya

GEC Kenya
The GEC is supported by UKaid. Photo: Facebook/UKinKenya

UKaid, through the Department for International Development, is supporting initiatives designed to increase the number of girls in primary and secondary school education.

The Girls’ Education Challenge (GEC) is one of the many UK-funded interventions, targeting marginalised and disabled girls, deigned to help up to a million of the world’s poorest improve their lives through education, and find better ways of getting girls in school and ensuring they receive quality education to transform their future.

GEC progress to October 2015
Snapshot of GEC progress to October 2015

The GEC projects and partnerships are implementing a diverse range of interventions to provide girls with access to education, materials, safe spaces to learn and a ‘voice’. They are helping to mobilise and build capacity within governments, communities and schools, training and mentoring teachers, governers and community leaders.

Between 2012 – 2015, the UK government invested £55 million (Kshs.7.7 billion) in the education sector in Kenya and other initiatives include measures to increase the number of female teachers; improving facilities for girls (e.g. toilets); and running programmes to reduce violence against girls.

For more information on the Girls’ Education Challenge, please visit the UK Government website.