Pressure group defends British pilot Alistair Llewelyn

Nderitu Njoka
Nderitu Njoka

Nderitu Njoka, chairman of pressure group Maendeleo Ya Wanaume, has publicly defended British pilot, Alistair Llewelyn, who is accused of harassing a policewoman in Nyandarua County while working for Deputy President, Wiliam Ruto.

Mr Njoka claimed that male members of his organization were working to ensure that criminal offences leveled against the pilot were unsuccessful.

Instead, they are demanding that the policewoman apologizes to the pilot.

“This man did not do any wrong by pushing that lady. The crowd surrounding the plane could have even attacked passengers if it were not for the pilot who took control of the crowd. There is nothing wrong about that.

“That is why even the pilot, himself, found it wise to push the lady away from the plane because she was not doing anything to control the crowd.” – Nderitu Njoka

Mr Njoka said people should remember the context of the incident, namely that the plane was carrying the deputy president and in his opinion, security was not at the level it should have been for such a high ranking politician.

Mr Njoka claims that over the years, a number of men have fallen victim to women, but these incidents had not been reported in the media.

He also claimed he had teamed up with men and women to encourage lobbying people not to vote for women in elective seats in the next generation election until after they have “behaved properly”.

“We are starting to mobilize men in the coming election that women should not be voted as leaders in political seats unless they stop this habit of chopping of male private parts.

“I have not heard of even one woman castigating this issue of chopping off male’s private parts. These few women have been a disgrace to other good women, wives and girlfriends that we have.”  – Nderitu Njoka

Mr Njoka said that men are not amused at women chopping off their private parts over a mere domestic quarrel and was urging the government to come up with ways of protecting men from the wrath of women.