What’s in my changing bag?

I watch what’s in my bag videos on youtube all the time because I’m just nosy and cannot help myself! Since my days are comprised of school runs and coffee mornings for mums, i no longer carry a handbag. My changing bag comes with me everywhere.

The changing bag

I am currently using is the PacaPod Napier in Black/charcoal (though it actually looks more like brown). Its a tote style changing bag with a cool pod print. Made of coated canvas that easily wipes clean and is waterproof, what mummy wouldn’t love this?

It comes with a feeder pod, changing pod, changing mat and a little wet bag. Two top handles, a cross body strap and two pram attachment straps which are great if you want your hands free. Its got enough pockets to carry all you need for a full day out with your children.

So here is what I carry in my changing bag for a 3 year old and a 3 month old.

In the changing pod

In the changing pod i carry the baby’s nappies, i make sure i have at least 6. Baby wipes, I love water wipes as they are pure and also clean really well. Nappy disposal bags, nappy cream and Burt’s bees nourishing lotion since the baby tends to get very dry cheeks.


In the Feeding pod

Finley is still exclusively breastfed so i don’t carry any food in the insulated pod. Instead I use it for Riley’s (the 3 year old) pull ups just in case we need them even though he is potty trained. I also carry my Milton antibacterial surface wipes everywhere I go.

In the main compartment

As its a big enough space with a zip i carry a lot in here. A spare vest and sleep suit : always handy for unexpected poo explosions and spit ups. A dribble bib as he dribbles buckets now,  Muslin cloths : 2 regular sized ones for wiping and burping and a huge one that doubles as a breastfeeding cover. MAM dummies in a steriliser box that keeps them sterile for 48 hours. A hat for the baby, Sophie the giraffe teether and a Tommee tippee dummy clip. I also carry a little toiletry bag with my lip balm, hand cream, antibacterial hand gel and madela nipple cream. Lastly, I also shove my purse in there if I can find any room.

In the back pocket I have 2 disposable changing mats, the changing mat that comes with the bag, and Finley’s Red book.

In the outside pocket in the front, that also has a zip I throw in my phone and keys.


That’s what i pack in my changing bag for both kids. I occasionally just throw in a bunch of snacks for Riley if need be.

What’s in your bag? What can you not leave the house without?


  1. That bag holds a lot! My only one is Riley’s age, so I don’t have to carry as many items as you do. Snacks, water, hand sanitizers and a change of clothing are a must though when am with her.

    • I miss the days when my handbag used to double as Riley’s bag. I would just chuck a pull up in there, a pack of raisins and a drink and we were set for the day.

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