#LetsKillEnglish trending on Twitter in Kenya

Some of the pictures posted to the #LetsKillEnglish Twitter thread

Before Anglo ex-pats start panicking, the #LetsKillEnglish is not in any way sinister, but a fun hashtag on Twitter which is highlighting poor use of the English language in everyday life and proving very popular with Kenyan social media users.

A Twitter search for the #LetsKillEnglish hashtag will uncover some hilarious examples from Tweeters worldwide, such as “I have two daughters, both are girls” which was submitted by @CrissLomaria.

Among the lengthy thread, some which stood out were a couple posted by @Machukah: “All of you stand in the straight circle” and “I saw you there and I’m seeing you here… Are you twice??” while @Bonnie254 Tweeted: “The erections were hard, but I came on top of them and won the erections.”

Following the Brit Awards which were televised in the UK last night, @Mosesmwangi5’s contribution sounds like a bad awards’ acceptance speech: “First i want to thank my mother, father and finally my parents”, while @mutegi_eric posted “HEADTEACHER: Come with all of your both parents especially your mother and father.”

Finally, “You three girls, BOTH OF YOU come here and follow me”, Tweeted by @Atanasi_, and @tommiee05’s “‘DONT TRY TO TALK INFRONT OF MY BACK..!'”, were two more of our favourites.

Do you have a favourite from the hashtag which we missed out? Why not add it in the comments section below or on our forum discussion thread.