European Referendum: UKIP’s Nigel Farage brands David Cameron’s negotiation as “pathetic”

Nigel Farage on LBC
Nigel Farage on LBC. Photo: Youtube/LBC

While David Cameron is in Poland and Denmark today, attempting to drum up support for his European renegotiation, UKIP leader Nigel Farage appeared on Nick Farrari’s LBC radio show to discuss the Prime Minister’s deal on the UK’s future membership of the European Union.

During his interview, Farage claimed that the Prime Minister “asked for nothing… and he got nothing”.

“The Cameron re-negotiation, the flying around 27 other countries, the biggest diplomatic mission that’s been launched by Britain’s Prime Minister in modern times.

“And if this is what we had to wait for, it was frankly rather pathetic. A very very very weak deal.

“He’s come back… he asked for nothing. He’s got nothing.”

Nick Ferrari on LBC
Nick Ferrari interviews Nigel Farage on LBC. Photo: Youtube/LBC

When host Ferrari mentioned that David Cameron had said he would want to join the EU based on the terms he had negotiated, Farage didn’t hold back in his response:

“Can you imagine if the question was on June 23rd, which is when it’s going to be, should Britain join the European Union?

“And the Prime Minister said, Ladies and Gentlemen, I know we’ve been independent for 1,000 years and we’ve been getting on quite well, but here’s a really good plan.

“We’re going to join the European Union and from today, the Hosues of Parliament will not be sovereign and 75% of our laws will get made somewhere else.

“Oh that building across the road, the Supreme Court, no no no, our new Supreme Court is going to be in Luxembourg. They’ll make the big decisions that affect our lives. Oh and by the way, none of them that sit there are actually judges.

“Our fishing waters, we’re going to give away 200miles of the North Sea to share out with the rest of Europe. We’re going to go on trading at a massive deficit.

“And for all of this, the real bonus ids we’re going to pay £55million a day. Isn’t it just wonderful?”

Making reference to the ongoing crisis across Europe which has seen acts of violence and sexual assaults committed by refugees and economic migrants, Mr Farage asked: “Would you join a club where they have a migrant crisis and they all hate each other?”

He finished by saying that the renegotiation had “convinced nobody and perhaps that’s why the opinions polls today are showing a lead for those of us who want to leave”.

If you are a British national living overseas who wants to ensure they can vote in the forthcoming European referendum, check out our article to make sure you are registered and eligible to have your say on Britain’s future membership of the EU.