George Osborne and Bill Gates team up to eradicate malaria

Bill Gates and George Osbourne
Bill Gates and George Osbourne. Photo via Twitter/DiderikintheUK

British Chancellor George Osborne and philanthropist Bill Gates have announced £3bn in funding over the next five years to fight malaria.

Britain will contribute £500m a year from its overseas aid budget while The Gates Foundation will give £140m ($200m) this year, with further donations of at least £110m to follow in the next five years.

While the number of people dying from malaria is falling, a child still dies from the disease every minute in Africa.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), there were 438,000 malaria deaths in 2015, with most of them being children aged under five.

Drugs can be used to treat the disease, but the malaria parasite has also begun to develop resistance to currently available insecticides and drugs.

Therefore, bed nets, insecticides and repellents are essential to stop mosquitoes from transmitting the disease.

However, a quarter of children in sub-Saharan Africa still live in a household with no insecticide-treated mosquito nets and no indoor spraying with safe, long-lasting insecticides.