Stuart Broad and Steve Finn go on tour with South African rhino anti-poaching unit

Stuart Broad (left), his girlfriend Bealey Mitchell and Steven Finn stroke a rhinoceros during an inspiring visit to Shamwari Game Reserve. Photo: Investec Rhino Trust

Straight after the Second Test in South Africa, England bowlers Stuart Broad and Steven Finn visited the Shamwari Game Reserve with representatives from Investec Rhino Lifeline, to see the animals in their natural environment and meet some of the people dedicated to saving them.

The England cricketers assisted experienced wildlife vet Dr Johan Joubert and anti-poaching expert Rodney Visser as they carried out a DNA and tagging procedure on a young male white rhino. These complex procedures are vital in the effort to track and protect these animals from increasingly sophisticated poachers.

“Coming from the UK I didn’t realise what a huge issue the rhino faces. This has been an educational few days and I hope our work today will encourage followers of cricket to learn more about this crisis.” – Steven Finn

They then visited the Shamwari Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre to witness the recovery of a white rhino that was brutally attacked in 2015, and to learn about the protection, rescue and rehabilitation of rhino.

“We hope by coming on this trip we can raise awareness of the plight of rhino in South Africa, which is now close to our hearts.” – Stuart Broad

(Photos from Investec Rhino Lifeline)