Twitter goes offline on Tuesday

Twitter Failbot
When Twitter is offline, you see its 'Failbot'. Photo: Twitter

Twitter was unavailable for users worldwide today (Tuesday 19 January), due to an apparent outage followed by serious access problems lasting over an hour.

The API is the system that applications use to speak to the Twitter service.

User access to the service failed across its multiple platforms of web, mobile and API (Application Programming Interface) at 11:20am, with error messages either warning the network was “over capacity” or suffering an “internal error”.

Twitter’s own status board confirmed the outage at 12:00, with the company’s developer-facing monitoring confirming that four of the five public APIs were down, after suffering a “service disruption”.

At 11:47, the search API was upgraded to “performance issues” with some users able to access the service sporadically.

At the time of writing though, the service is still inaccessible for most users.

Update 12:48 – Twitter is back online although some users are still experiencing error pages with API access still appearing to be down.