Man caught having sex with sheep claimed he was telling it not to die

Lundy Sheep
A sheep. Photo: Michael Maggs (used under the Creative Commons licence)

A man narrowly escaped death after being caught having sex with a sheep in Kiambu County.

He was rescued by police who arrived on the scene in Gitaru, after he had been thoroughly beaten by locals.

The attack in Gitaru, by the suspect and two other men, left one sheep dead and three others with injuries to their reproductive organs.

Police are currently hunting for the two other men involved in the attack who fled to scene, escaping capture.

The owner of the flock, Jane Kihanya said that when she asked the suspect what he was doing, he blatantly asked if the sheep was hers.

“He told me that the sheep was dying and that he was telling it not to die. He then excused himself then took off and that is when I raised the alarm” – Flock owner Jane Kihanya

Local residents attributed the embarrassing behaviour to drug abuse among the youth.