US Ambassador to Kenya Bob Godec visits Langata’s Bohra community

Bob Godec meets the Bohra in Langata
US Ambassador Bob Godec meets the Bohra community in Langata. Photo via Twitter/BobGodec

American Ambassador to Kenya, Robert ‘Bob’ Godec has been meeting members of the Bohra community in Langata.

Posting on Twitter, he said he was “honored to visit the Bohra community in Saifee Park in Langata today” and thanked them for “the warm and wonderful welcome” he received.

The Bohras are Shia Muslims who mainly reside in the western cities of India and also in Pakistan, Yemen and East Africa.

They follow a form of Shi’ite Islam as propagated by the Fatimid Imamate in medieval Egypt, praying 3 times a day joining both afternoon prayers Zuhr & Asr and both evening prayers Maghreb & Isa.

The Bohra also fast in the month of Ramadan, perform Haj and Umrah and give Zakat.

Bob Godec visits Karen family
Bob Godec visits the home of Sakina, Huzeifa & family in Karen. Photo via Twitter/BobGodec

Earlier in the day, he spent time in Karen at the home of Sakina, Huzeifa & family.