Nic Hailey condemns al-Shabaab attack on El-Adde army base

Nic Hailey condemns El-Adde attack
Nic Hailey has condemned the attack on the El-Adde base.

The UK High Commissioner to Kenya, Nic Hailey, has condemned yesterday’s attack on a remote Somali army base by militant Islamist terrorist group al-Shabaab, in which it is reported more than 60 Kenyan Defence Force soldiers were killed.

Posting on Twitter, Mr Hailey said: “I strongly condemn #AlShabaab attack. Thoughts with troops & their families. Together we’ll beat terrorism in #Somalia.”

He went on to say: “Not just Kenya & Somalia but the region & the world are safer thanks to #KDF – salute their bravery and sacrifice.”

He was joined in his condemnation by the United Nations Security Council who issued a statement in which they “expressed their deep sympathy and condolences to the families of the victims, as well as to the people and Government of Somalia and the Republic of Kenya.”

The attack on the remote outpost manned by Kenyan troops near the town of El-Adde (or Ceel Cadde is Somali), which is about 340 miles west of the capital Mogadishu in a region near Kenya’s border, took place just after dawn prayers on Friday.

Somali army colonel Idris Ahmed confirmed an al-Shabaab suicide bomber in a car rammed the gates of the base before the Islamist terrorists overran the facility, sending its residents fleeing for safety in the pre-dawn attack.

“There was suicide attack followed by the fighting and it seems that the base was stormed,” Ahmed said.

Al-Shabaab claimed to have killed more than 60 Kenyan soldiers from AMISOM (African Union Mission in Somalia), which said there was a battle for the base without giving details. Kenya’s Defence Ministry said both sides suffered casualties but would not confirm numbers.

“This attack sends a clear message to the Kenyan government that their military’s invasion of our Muslim lands and the massacre of innocent Muslims perpetrated by the Kenyan crusaders will not be without severe consequences.” – al-Shabaab statement

In previous attacks, al-Shabaab have inflated casualty figures, while the Somali government and other official estimates often play down the numbers killed.

It was also claimed that the bodies of Kenyan soldiers had been dragged through the streets of the town following the attack on the African Union base.

“Our gallant soldiers reacted swiftly to protect their camp. Regrettably, some of our patriots in uniform paid the ultimate price.” – President Uhuru Kenyatta

Al-Shabaab have been forced out from major strongholds in Somalia by AMISOM and Somali army offensives launched last year, but the group still controls some rural areas from which it launches guerrilla-style assaults and bomb attacks.


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