21 vintage photos show what Kenyan life was like in 1945

The homely dose at the kitchen door
The homely dose at the kitchen door, which helps to keep the workers fit. (Picture issued 1945)

The National Archives have released a series of black and white photographs showing what life was like in Kenya back in 1945.

They illustrate a very different time to the one we live in now as the Second World War came to an end and Kenya was still a British colony.

Our gallery shows pictures which give a fascinating window into the past showing workers, medical staff, entertainment and everyday life from around 70 years ago.

Whenever possible, the captions used in the gallery are the ones used on the original photographs, so the language may sound dated. To view a full screen version of the gallery or an individual image, just click on it.

If you have any vintage photographs of life in Kenya, we would love to see them and put them online to share with our readers. You can contact us at britsinkenya@gmail.com.