#KenyaLive takes to the air for a helicopter ride over the conservancies

#KenyaLive has continued its broadcasts this weekend as the team prepare to take a helicopter trip above the conservancy.

They point out that this is just one of the many attractions which safari trips in Kenya offer, giving a breathtaking and unique view of the conservancies.

Unfortunately, the team weren’t able to broadcast live from the ride, but in the follow up video, they describe the experience and exactly where the helicopter took them.

The operator the team are using is KIDL helicopters who, according to their website, have an “extensive knowledge of the country and the high end travel industry”.

Their website also states they “can fly you to the most remote destinations around East Africa” and “create a bespoke itinerary for your safari which exceeds expectations.”

They say their “flexibility allows (them) to stop for lunch in the most seclude spots, follow the migration or whatever your desires may be.”

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