Nic Hailey attends Port Reitz Road construction launch in Mombasa

Nic Hailey in Mombasa
British High Commissioner, Nic Hailey, at the launch of the new Port Reitz Road in Mombasa, Photo via Twitter/@FrankMatsaert

British High Commissioner for Kenya, Nic Hailey, was in Changamwe, Mombasa yesterday (Saturday 9 January) for the construction launch of the new Port Reitz-Moi International Airport Road.

The construction of the road which will link Mombasa Port and Moi International Airport, was launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The Ksh 3.1 billion road project is being jointly funded by the British government through the Department for International Development  (Ksh 2 billion) and the Kenyan government (Ksh 1.1 billion) an is expected to increase trade in the East African region by decongesting the coastal city and linking to the newly constructed container terminal.

At the launch, President Kenyatta thanked the British government for supporting projects in the country. He also thanked Japan for funding construction of the second container terminal.

Photo via Twitter/@FrankMatsaert
Photo via Twitter/@FrankMatsaert

High Commissioner to Kenya Nic Hailey said the British government will continue working closely with Kenya to achieve its development agenda.

“The UK is proud to support the Mombasa port modernisation project. It will reduce the cost of doing business, improve infrastructure, and boost trade and economic growth in the EAC. This is a critical road. Our support, in partnership with and fitting with the overall vision of the Kenyan government, will benefit the population of Mombasa and reduce the cost of goods to millions of EAC residents.”

– Nic Hailey, UK High Commissioner to Kenya

Nic Hailey in Mombasa
British High Commissioner for Kenya, Nic Hailey meets locals after the opening of the new port road in Mombasa. Photo via Twitter/HCNicHailey

Once the project is completed, transport and movement in Mombasa County should ease significantly, resulting in a boost to industrial development and a reduction in the cost of transport.

“The Upgrade of the Port Reitz Road is a crucial milestone in increasing access to physical markets and the facilitation of the movement of cargo along the Northern Corridor. When initially deploying USD20 million in the project, created access, increased efficiency and improved infrastructure were just a few of our end goals. Ultimately, all our projects aim to reduce the cost of doing business and boost trader volumes, increasing the region’s overall trade competitiveness, creating employment opportunities and contribute to reducing poverty.”

– Frank Matsaert, CEO TradeMark East Africa (TMEA)

Other road projects within the coastal city include dualling of the Mombasa-Mariakani Highway, Dongo Kundu Bypass and Mombasa Northern Bypass.