10 worst plane passengers’ habits revealed

Plane Manners infographic from London City Airport

London City Airport has surveyed travellers and released an infographic which highlights the top ten worst habits of ‘plane strangers’.

Unsurprisingly, the various forms of ‘space invasion’ were found to be a top irritation for flyers with 63 per cent considering passengers ‘reclining their seat so far back they are practically in your lap’ as the worst aeroplane sin followed by 55 per cent voting for other flyers ‘planting their elbows firmly on the arm rest’.

“On an aeroplane we get closer to strangers than we would in almost any other setting, so it’s no wonder little things can irritate us.

“Be considerate of your fellow passengers – you wouldn’t lean against a stranger on a park bench while you ate your lunch, so think about how much space you really need before reclining your seat.” – London City Airport spokesperson

Third on the list, with 53 per cent of those surveyed, was ‘plane strangers’ being rude to cabin crew.

Talking loudly and swearing along with impatient behaviour while waiting to disembark also made it onto the bad habit list.

Passengers who bring carry-ons considered too large was another irritation, as were travellers who kept getting up to retrieve items from the overhead lockers during the flight.

The eighth rudest behaviour was voted as people ‘placing their feet in the gaps between seats so they poke others in the shoulder’ with hogging the window seat to block the view coming in tenth.

What is your personal pet hate when travelling by airplane? What annoys you the most? Let us know in the comments section below.


  1. The reclining and hogging the arm rest are my personal peevs. I was on a flight from Birmingham to Dubai and the woman sat next to me was so big, she had to move the armrest back so she could fit in the seat. In fact, she was too big to fit in one and took up half of mine. Then as soon as we took off she started eating and breaking wind! A nightmare flight.

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