#KenyaLive spots a Cheetah on first day of live broadcasts

Cheetahs filmed during #KenyaLive
Cheetahs filmed during #KenyaLive. Photo via Facebook/Herdtracker

#KenyaLive have filmed the sighting of a cheetah on the first day of broadcasts from the Mara conservancies.

The cheetah population in the Greater Mara ecosystem is under threat and The Mara Cheetah Project (MCP), led by Dr Femke Broekhuis of Oxford University’s Wildlife Research Unit (WildCRU), are working identify the major threats which could be causing declines in the current cheetah population.

#KenyaLive is an initiative aiming to deliver 50 live broadcasts over 11 days, allowing people from all over the world to experience, for the first time ever, an extraordinary Kenyan bush to beach safari via Twitter’s Periscope App.

To see the live broadcasts, which will last between 10-20 minutes twice daily, one in the morning and the other in the evening, visit discoverafrica.com/herdtrackerlive or download the Periscope app and watch live on your mobile device.

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