#KenyaLive film “a curiosity of mongoose playing in the Sun”

The #KenyaLive team have live streamed footage titled “A curiosity of mongoose playing in the Sun”.

Mongooses live for around 11 years, and have a similar look to a weasel or cat, with brown and gray fur.

They live in mixed sex groups which average around 20 individuals, but groups may sometimes grow to more than 70 individuals.

They emerge at sunrise and forage as a group in the morning and afternoon before returning to the den at sunset on a diet of mostly insects and other invertebrates, plus occasional reptiles, birds eggs and small reptiles.

#KenyaLive has embarked on 11 days of broadcasting, which aim to give wildlife lovers unprecedented access the excitement of a Masai Mara safari and embark on an exploration of Kenya’s coastal underwater treasures in real time.

To see the live broadcasts, which will last between 10-20 minutes twice daily, one in the morning and the other in the evening, visit discoverafrica.com/herdtrackerlive or download the Periscope app and watch live on your mobile device.

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