Tony Blair meets Uhuru Kenyatta at State House

Tony Blair meets President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House
Tony Blair meets President Kenyatta at State House. Photo via Twitter/@UKenyatta

Tony Blair met President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House, Nairobi on Monday (14 December) as part of the former British Prime Minister’s Africa Governance Initiative’s ongoing work in Kenya.

The Africa Governance Initiative (AGI) works with African governments to strengthen functions that are key to driving development across the region.

During their meeting, the pair discussed development, focusing on the Kenyan government’s priority areas for improving the lives of its citizens.

The former Middle East Peace Enoy’s AGI mission aims to support effective government in Africa, seeking to “make government work for the world’s poorest people.” The drive has been describes as a government-led, politically-savvy initiative, focused on impact.

“I have seen AGI’s impact in the way my Government functions and in its capacity to implement my priorities in health, agriculture and private sector development,” said President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who expressed his support for the initiative.

The meeting with Blair follows President Kenyatta’s official opening of the Nairobi Fourth China Round Table. This is part of his government’s ongoing commitment to work with foreign bodies to bolster the Kenyan economy and improve the living standards of its people.

“It is my belief that International cooperation is the key to resolving the collective socio-economic development challenges that face us all. It is the basis for stability, peace and security.

“The China Round Table process has emerged as a valuable mechanism for policy dialogue aimed at strengthening the rules-based Multilateral Trading System. It is my hope that the China Round Table will lend support for the ratification of the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) and for its early coming into force so that goods and services can flow more freely amongst countries; and in consequence create employment for the youth entering the job market.” – President Uhuru Kenyatta