Funeral of murdered doctor, Rita Fossaceca, is held in Novara

Rita Fossaceca
Rita Fossaceca

Yesterday (Sunday, 6 December), the friends and family of Rita Fossaceca said goodbye to the murdered doctor during an emotional service at the Cathedral in Novara.

The radiologist from the Maggiore Hospital in Novara was shot dead during a robbery in the house where she lived with her family and other volunteers from the For Life Onus charity and Sunday had been designated as a day of mourning.

“Dear Rita. You embrace all, with eyes full of tears, here in your city of Novara. Dear Rita, we gather your father and your mother, uncle Don Louis, the two nurses who were friends with you, in all your colleagues, students, hospital who have given so much, and people who wanted you and love you. We also feel that a part of us has died, who gave their life for the poor, defending your orphanage. “

– Bishop of Novara’s homily

Family, colleagues, friends, acquaintances and residents of Novara crowded into the Duomo, while others lined the streets, as they wanted to wait for the arrival of her body.

“Rita was a generous person, who did not flinch when it came to helping someone. Her decision to build an orphanage contained the eloquence of an act that is the meaning of all her life. It was her passion, she spoke to colleagues, gathering resources, inviting others to help out, to work with her, to celebrate their holidays in an alternative way. “

– Monsignor Brambilla

The funeral was led by the Bishop of Novara, Monsignor Franco Giulio Brambilla, accompanied by the Bishop of the Diocese of Trivento, Monsignor Domenico Angelo Scotti, the pastor of the parish of St. Joseph Don Gianfermo Nicolini, the canons of the Cathedral, the parish priest Don Michele Hospital Valsesia and Rita’s uncle, Don Luca Di Lella.

“Let’s say farewell to Rita, after a month filled with terrible images of death, in which fear has gone through a shuddering Europe, and many have wielded to make us even more scared. in a distant African country while, silently, a woman, one of us, did prevail over death, and for this she gave her life. All of you who have known and respected, not furled its flag, do not forget the legacy of Rita. “

– Bishop of Novara, Monsignor Franco Giulio Brambilla

Three people have been arrested on suspicion of the murder.