2 arrested on suspicion of plotting terror attacks on Western targets in Nairobi

Suspected Iranian spies in Iran
Kenya's interior ministry described Louw, left, as a 'senior figure' in Nairobi's Shia Muslim community (Photo: Kenyan Department of Interior)

Kenyan police have arrested two men they claim are connected to an Iranian intelligence network planning a “terror attack” on Western targets in Nairobi.

The Kenyan Interior Ministry said the men, 69-year-old Abubakr Sadiq Louw and 25-year-old Yassin Sambair Juma, were planning a “terror attack” in the capital Nairobi and had travelled to Iran last month.

Both men are believed to be from Nairobi, and in a statement by the ministry, Louw is described as a “senior figure” in the city’s Shia Muslim community, and that the pair were working on behalf of Iranian state intelligence.

Louw has reportedly admitted being approached by Iranian intelligence officials in 2012, and agreeing to recruit Kenyan youths to carry out attacks.

Along with Juma, he is accused of receiving training from Iranian Revolutionary guards, who allegedly told them to target Western interests within the country.

Officials said an Iranian man going by the name of ‘Parsa’ had served as a go-between for the pair and Iran’s elite Quds Force, a unit of the Iranian Revolutionary guards.