Paris Attacks: Comedian Jason Manford has Facebook account suspended after online rant

Comedian Jason Manford had his Facebook page suspended after publishing a status calling the terrorists responsible for the Paris attacks "f***ing cowards".

Jason Manford giving Comedy Masterclass & Q&A session to performing arts students at University of Salford, Adelphi campus
Jason Manford giving Comedy Masterclass at University of Salford. Photo: University of Salford Press Office

Jason Manford Paris post on FacebookBritish comedian Jason Manford took to his official Facebook fan page last Saturday night (14 November) after the attacks in Paris which have claimed at least 120 lives in which he described the terrorists as “F***ing cowards”.

After his post was reported for breaching Facebook guidelines, his  page was temporarily deleted, but has now been reinstated but without the offending post.

Some supported his comments and were critical of the social media network suspending his account.

However, some criticised the post, with one describing his post as “Islamaphobic”, but replying to some detractors, he Tweeted: