Nairobi named in CNN’s 9 African tech hubs of the future

Nairobi Garage
Nairobi Garage

American news broadcaster CNN have published a list of the 9 future tech hubs in African which they believe show the most potential.

Part of the appeal of tech hubs is that they provide affordable shared office space, fast internet, and access to reliable electricity, something that the continent overall still grapples with. Nairobi Garage in Kenya’s capital offers all of these things, and holds tech events, conferences and workshops helping entrepreneurs gain new skills. Also in Nairobi, iHub tech incubator lists more than 150 companies that can trace their origins to ideas sparked there.

Nairobi is second on the list, following Durban in South Africa.

After Nairobi comes Cape Town, also in South Africa, Addis Adaba in Ethiopia, Lagos in Nigeria, Accra in Ghana, Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, Kampala in Uganda and Monrovia in Liberia.