Lewis: What Lies Tangled (Part 2)

Lewis: What Lies Tangled
KEVIN WHATELY as DI Robert Lewis, LAURENCE FOX as DI James Hathaway, MALI HARRIES as Sarah Alderwood and DAVID WARNER as Donald Lockston ©ITV

The ninth series of Lewis concludes tonight with two questions left to be resolved.

The outstanding mysteries are who is sending parcel bombs to settle old scores, and whether Lewis (Kevin Whately) will go on his jaunt to New Zealand with lovely Laura (Clare Holman).

Still investigating the blast which claimed the life of adulterous mathematics genius Adam Capstone progresses, the situation is exacerbated when a second bomb is located.

This time the bomb is discovered at the home of Capstone’s brother David (Oliver Lansley), who had been working together with his sibling to sell the Knot Theory research to a pharmaceutical company.

Lewis: What Lies Tangled
MALI HARRIES as Sarah Alderwood in LEWIS

On the personal front, although he wants to go, Lewis is worried that he won’t have a job with Oxfordshire Police when he returns. But is he putting work above family life and happiness?

Hathaway knows all about lost family bonding opportunities as he realises he’s left it too late to connect with his estranged and now ailing dad.

Get the tissues ready for an emotional end to this current series.

Lewis: What Lies Tangled (Part 2) is scheduled for broadcast tonight (11 November) on itv Choice (DStv channel 123) at 21.05 with repeat showings on Thursday 12 November at 13.45, Saturday 14 November at 16.55 and Sunday 15 November at 14.20.