Swedish Ambassador visits Red Cross Dadaab facility

Swedish Ambassador Johan Borgstam
Swedish Ambassador Johan Borgstam at the Red Cross facility in Dadaab (Photo via Twitter @SwedeninKE)

Today, the Swedish Ambassador to Kenya, Johan Borgstam was visiting the Kenya Red Cross solar power pump station in Dadaab, which provides water for the camp’s 350,000 refugees.

Dadaab, a semi-arid town in Garissa County approximately 60 miles from the border with Somalia, has been the site of a large UNHCR base hosting refugees in five camps since August 2015.

The facility is home to people who have fled various conflicts in the larger Eastern Africa region, many as a consequence of the civil war in southern Somalia, including both Somalis and members of Somalia’s various ethnic minority groups such as the Bantu.

Johan Borgstam
Johan Borgstam tours the Solar Hybrid Installation Borehole 3 facility (Photo via Twitter @SwedeninKE)

During his visit, Mr Borgstam inspected the Installation Borehole 3 on the site, which has an impressive capacity of 55k litres of water per hour.