Swahilibox announces global launch

SwahiliBox logo

SwahiliBox’s Executive Director, Ahmed Mohamed Maawy has announced on Facebook that the new look SwahiliBox has not only been launched to the wider Mombasa tech community but also opened up to visitors worldwide.

Fellows of Mombasa and friends in General SwahiliBox officially now is available to the General Public. Although there…

Posted by Ahmed Mohamed Maawy on Monday, November 2, 2015

Maawy has said that SwahiliBox will give the technology community in Mombasa access to an open space, superfast Internet, mentorship, coffee and Mshikaki for those who want a feel of Mombasa culture and food.

The aim of SwahiliBox project aims to connect startups in the coast to investors and donors as well as help them secure partnerships to help build their businesses, through events, seminars, competitions and mentorship programmes.

It also plans to empower the youth economically by inspiring them to develop new and innovative businesses through networking, training and support and professional mentoring and coaching.

In order to provide support for the Internet of Things (IoT), software and hardware developers, investors, engineers, user interface designers, bloggers and writers, SwahiliBox has partnered with companies including SEACOM, Ashoka, Angani, Intel and NASA.