Save the Elephants technology fundraiser launches online

Letizia Kornberg
Letizia Kornberg

Save The Elephants supporter Letitia Kronberg has launched an online fundraising initiative through to purchase technology required to assist them in their work.

Letitia describes himself as a passionate supporter of the charity, which is recognised across the globe as a world-leading elephant research & conservation organization devoted to securing a future for elephants.

“Save the Elephants is based in northern Kenya, where renowned elephant expert Dr. Iain-Douglas Hamilton has been researching elephant behavior for 50 years.

“As the poaching crisis has escalated, Save The Elephants has been instrumental in leading the way in Kenya and across the world to saving Africa’s elephants through a three-pronged approach to stop the killing, stop the trafficking and end demand for ivory”, Letitia explains.

He says that in order to do their work effectively, Save The Elephants needs the following equipment:

  • iPads for elephant ID and field monitoring
  • Laptops and PC’s for mapping, data storage, and educational needs across Kenya and Africa
  • Durable Speakers for showing conservation films and presentations to communities living among elephants
  • Digital Cameras with built in zoom to capture elephants from a distance and to document education and community activities
  • A Telephoto Zoom Lens to take detailed photos of elephants for the ID file
  • Image Stabilised Binoculars to track, identify and protect elephants from the ground and in the air.

“Please help with a small donation to secure the items necessary for them to continue to Save the Elephants. The elephants need everyone’s help. Let’s keep them from extinction for future generations to enjoy.”                   – Letitia Kronberg

This equipment will help Save The Elephants continue its vital work of identifying and monitoring elephant families, pinpointing potential threats, aid anti-poaching patrols and operations, ranger support as well as community-based education.

You can donate to the fundraising initiative by clicking here, or if you would prefer to help support Save the Elephants by directly buying some of the equipment they need, you can do so through their Amazon Wish List.