Lewis: What Lies Tangled (Part 1)

Lewis 2015 Episode 5
KEVIN WHATELY (Lewis) ZOE TAPPER (Elizabeth Capstone) and LAURENCE FOX (DI James Hathaway) ©ITV

In the first of a new two part story, an idyllic Oxford summer day is blown apart when a parcel bomb claims the life of eminent mathematician Adam Capstone, a genius in the field of `Knot Theory’.

David Warner in Lewis
DAVID WARNER as Donald Lockston

As DI Robert Lewis (Kevin Whately) and DI Hathaway (Laurence Fox) investigate, the discover that, while the victim’s academic reputation was beyond reproach, his private life was far more dubious.

It emerges Capstone was a man of carnal appetites, who had a string of affairs with young students, betraying his chemistry professor wife Elizabeth (Zoe Tapper), providing her with a clear motive to do away with her cheating spouse.

As the detectives work to identify the killer bomber, the case becomes a personal challenge for Lewis, who fears he may not be rewarded with another contract should he fail to impress Ch Supt Moody (Steve Toussaint) before his six-month trip to New Zealand.

Lewis: What Lies Tangled (Part 1) is scheduled for broadcast tonight (4 November) on itv CHOICE at 21.05 with repeat showings on Thursday 5 November at 00.45 and Saturday 7 November at 16.55.