Bad Education: Sex Education

Bad Education Episode 1.2
The arrival of French exchange students poses problems for Alfie and his Abbey Grove colleagues

The second episode of Jack Whitehall’s school based comedy finds the parents of pupils at Abbey Grove School worried about the impending arrival of French exchange students after they ran riot the previous year, leaving a host of love-struck teenagers in their wake.

Potentially more dangerous is leaving hapless history teacher Alfie Wickers (Jack Whitehall) to deliver a sex education class.

The only person more immature than Wickers is the head teacher (Mathew Horne) who befuddles his staff and enrages parents with his senseless slang.

If you loved the Inbetweeners, you’ll no doubt enjoy this.

Bad Education: Sex Education (1.2) is scheduled for broadcast tonight (3 November) at 19.58 on BBC BRIT (DStv channel 120) with repeat showings on Wednesday 4 November at 23.02, Thursday 5 November at 21.30, Saturday 7 November at 00.30 and Monday 9 November at 01.00