The Moaning of Life: Marriage

Karl Pilkington The Moaning of Life
Karl Pilkington ponders marriage in The Moaning of Life

In this new series, Karl Pilkington travels the world in search of answers to some of life’s most important questions.

Tonight, he begins with marriage, wondering whether he is wrong about not wanting to tie the knot with his long-term girlfriend.

In Delhi, he gains an insight into arranged marriages by going on a date with a prospective wife – and her parents – and in Bangalore, he is asked to help a pair of elite wedding planners.

Karl Pilkington visits India for The Moaning of Life
Karl Pilkington visits India to investigate marriage for The Moaning of Life

He also sniffs out a scientific approach to finding the perfect partner in LA, before searching for an alternative way of getting hitched in Las Vegas.

Karl Pilkington: The Moaning of Life – Marriage is scheduled for broadcast tonight (2 November) at 21.02 on BBC BRIT (DStv channel 120) with repeat showings on Wednesday 4 November at 00.00, Saturday 7 November at 22.00 and Monday 9 November at 01.10.


  1. Not as good as An Idiot Abroard (mainly due to him having more control over where he goes and what he does rather than it being decided by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant), but still enjoyable.

  2. Agree with Mr Solo. However, some of Karl’s observations on their own make watching the programme worthwhile.

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