Police in Nakuru hunt ‘Jack the Ripper’ style murderer

Jack the Ripper
Does Kenya have a modern day Jack the Ripper loose in Nakuru?

Local media in Nakuru have reported that police are investigating the murders of ten female sex workers.

Several of the victims’ bodies were discovered disfigured with their private parts removed, leading to the killer being dubbed the Kenyan Jack the Ripper.

Jack the RipperJack the Ripper is the name given to an unidentified serial killer generally believed to have been active in the largely impoverished areas in and around the Whitechapel district of London in 1888.

This Victorian murderer typically targeted female prostitutes who lived and worked in the slums of the East End of London. Their throats were cut prior to abdominal mutilations and the bodies of at least three of the victims were found to have had internal organs removed.

Police in Nakuru have said they are trying to locate a man described as “short” who is believed to be responsible for these latest murders.

Other reports speculate the killings could be orchestrated by a Mungiki gang preying on prostitutes. A banned organisation in the country, they reject Western values and religions and fight against modernisation of Kenya.

Senior commander of police in Nakuru, Hassan Barua, told The Guardian newspaper that the motive behind the killings is not yet clear.

This isn’t the first time that Kenyan sex workers have been targeted by a serial killer.

Philip Onyancha
Philip Onyancha

Philip Onyancha is currently serving a 12-year jail term after admitting to being responsible for the killing of up to 19 people in 2010, although he claimed he planned to kill 100.

Onyancha drank the blood of his victims, mainly female sex workers, and claimed during his trial that a teacher had told him doing so would make him rich.