Google Street View goes on Samburu elephant trek

Iain Douglas-Hamilton CBE with Samburu elephants (Photo Nick Nichols)

In an attempt to help raise awareness of elephant conservation in Kenya, Google Street View has started Street View Imagery of Kenya at the Samburu National Reserve.

In an open letter on the site, British founder of Save the Elephants, Iain Douglas-Hamilton said, “We brought the Samburu elephants online so people can “meet” them, experience the beauty of their habitat and realize the need for urgent action to protect them.”

The project is funded by the Samburu County government in partnership with Save the Elephants.

The project began last February when Google drove a Street View car on one of the park’s main roads.

Google’s Treks are more interactive than the usual Street View experience. For example, if you pass an elephant as you navigate round the park using the white arrows, an information box appears describing the elephant’s name and family as well as other interesting facts.

The trek also includes a section on the five steps that the Samburu park takes to protect elephants which are collaring, monitoring, patrolling, rehabilitating, planning.


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