Lewis: Magnum Opus (Part 2)

Lewis Magnum Opus 2
KEVIN WHATELY as Lewis, LAURENCE FOX as DI James Hathaway and STEVE TOUSSAINT as CS Joseph Moody. Photographer: ROBERT DAY
Lewis Magnum Opus
BOBBY LOCKWOOD as Sam Langton.
Photographer: ROBERT DAY

Tonight’s episode of Inspector Morse spin-off Lewis concludes the two part story which began last week.

So far, two people have been murdered and their bodies placed in symbolic tableaux adorned with alchemical literature which suggests two more murders are on the way.

Lewis and Hathaway find an unusual tattoo on the college dean’s body and find the same inking on two other murder victims.

The detective duo discover that the tattoo signifies membership of a secret esoteric society that believes past sins can be forgiven by the literal sharing of guilt.

Before the fourth and final murder takes place, the team must uncover the guilty secret that the victims share in order to learn the identity of the killer.

Lewis: Magnum Opus (Part 2) is scheduled for broadcast tonight (28 October) at 18:05 on itv CHOICE (DStv channel 123) with repeat showings on Thursday 29 October at 10:50, Friday 30 October at 04:00 and Saturday 31 October at 18:35.