Kiko the giraffe and Loboito the elephant form unique bond after rescue

An abandoned elephant and giraffe forming an adorable bond sounds like the story from the latest Disney animation, but this is a true story from the Nairobi National Park.

Baby giraffe Kiko was rescued after being found helpless and alone by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS).

Being only one-month-old, he was too small to sleep in the giraffe stable, and was instead housed next to the elephants. Here he met and struck up an unlikely friendship with fellow orphan and boisterous three-week old elephant calf Lobito who was housed after being found alone and hungry in Samburu.

Both being reliant solely on their mother’s milk means neither would have survived in the wild. Now, thanks to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Orphanage they are being given a new chance at life.

According to the Trust, the tiny elephant loves spending his time under the long legs of his newly found friend.

Giraffe numbers have fallen by 30 per cent over the last 10 years and elephants face a constant threat from poachers.

Rob Brandford is the Executive Director of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (UK) told the Daily Mail, “Kiko is extremely trusting and affectionate with his carers and has been from the moment he was rescued and he loves spending time with the youngest elephant calves.

“Loboito follows Kiko everywhere he goes and particularly enjoys spending time beneath Kiko’s legs and belly.

“They are being given specialist care until they are old enough to be reintegrated back into the wild.

“Our dedicated team of keepers substitute for the orphans’ families and are with the babies 24 hours a day – even sleeping alongside them in their stable at night.”