Verdict at inquest into British aristocrat’s death withheld as it had ‘not been typed up’

Alexander Monson with his sister Isabella
Alexander Monson with his sister Isabella.

The mother of Alexander Monson, who died in Kenya while in police custody, broke down in tears yesterday as the chief magistrate announced that while he had the verdict from the inquiry into the young British aristocrat’s death, he could not read it out as it had “not been typed up”.

The 28-year-old son of Lord Monson, died while handcuffed to a hospital bed after being arrested following a night out with friends in Diani.

Although Kenyan police have claimed that Monson died of a drug overdose, all forensic reports presented at the inquiry into his death, including two autopsies and two toxicology reports, indicate that he was killed by a blunt force trauma to the head.

His family believe that this evidence, along with other injuries including defensive wounds on his arm and bruising to his groin, indicate he was subjected to a severe beating by police prior to his death.

Alexander Monson with his mother in Kenya
Alexander Monson who died in 2012 with his mother in Kenya

Alexander’s mother, Hilary Monson, who was so distressed she needed assistance from her husband to walk out of court, told The Times that she feared more “skulduggery” in the case.

She also shared he concern that the magistrate was being pressured to produce a favourable verdict for the authorities after hearing that the inquest had been adjourned until next week.

“We were hoping for a verdict today, am disappointed; because of typing we cannot have it today,” said a visibly emotional Ms Monson.

However, Alfred Olaba, a lawyer working on behalf of the Monson family, has said he believes that the weight of evidence against the police will make a verdict in their favour impossible.

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