British community group funds 3 new ovens for Lunchbowl Network’s Saturday Lunch Programme

Lunchbowl Network ovens
SW London Vineyard have provided funding for 3 new ovens for the Lunchbowl Network. Photo: Twitter/lunchbowl

South West London Vineyard have paid for three new ovens which will be used for the Lunchbowl Network’s Saturday Lunch Programme.

The Saturday Lunch Programme, is the highlight of the week for many of the children the charity supports in Kibera, when they receive a substantial, hot nutritious meal comprising of  meat, vegetables, rice or chapatti with fruit and milk.

Approximately 400 children benefit from the food programme and on a daily basis Lunchbowl’s network of dedicated carers in Kibera work together to care for the orphaned and vulnerable children. The carers are given food packs comprising of beans, vegetables and rice to sustain the orphaned and vulnerable children who live with them and their extended families.

South West London Vineyard started with a small group of people in 1987 who wanted to see how following Jesus could make a difference, not only to their lives, but also to the lives of the people in the city around them.

Tweeting a message of thanks, the charity said “This is going to make such an amazing difference for our team.”

Also making a donation to the charity were students from Eastbourne College, who held a flash fundraising event which raised over 100 metres of coins from donations of loose change.

Eastbourne College students fundraise for Lunchbowl Network
Students from Eastbourne College with the proceeds from their flash fundraising event. Photo: Twitter/EBCollegeLife

The Lunchbowl Network thanked the college and its “amazing students” via their Twitter account.

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