Send A Cow name Our Girl star Ben Aldridge as charity ambassador

Ben Aldridge Our Girl
Ben Aldridge played Captain James in the Kenya based second series of Our Girl. Photo: BBC

British actor and star of Our Girl, Ben Aldridge, has been named as the new ambassador for UK based charity Send A Cow.

The charity has a personal connection for Ben as his Uncle David helped to found it.

Speaking about the appointment, Ben said:

“Send A Cow has always been a feature in my family, with my Uncle David regularly shooting off to Africa. I’ve grown up hearing about their work and have always wanted to see and support the charity first hand.

“I’m honoured to become an ambassador for Send A Cow and to help raise awareness of the vital and incredible work they do.”

Ben’s first assignment as Send A Cow ambassador is to visit Uganda to find out more about the work the charity is involved with and meet some of the families who benefit from their help.

He is currently in the East African country and described his first day in Rakaj on his Instagram page:

“Yesterday I had the privilege of spending the day with Kasiita’s family – a child headed family of 5 who lost their parents to HIV. I worked through their daily farming routine with them; making fires, collecting water, milking; cooking and cleaning – learning about the skills and techniques Send A Cow have passed on to them.

“Two years ago they were not even eating one meal a day…they are now cooking and eating three. They are not only the engineers of their own food security but are also able to sell milk, crops, and fertiliser to other locals. Kasiita is now a peer farmer and is passing on his knowledge to other farming groups within his community.

“There was A LOT of laughter, particularly at me as I fumbled my way through being a farmhand for the day. With the support of SAC, Kasiita and his family have transformed their own future and with that comes pride, confidence and dignity. The difference between surviving and living. I was blown away by the generosity and kindness that was shown to me by welcoming me into their home and teaching me for the day.

“Thank you my new friends!”

The second series of Our Girl was set in Kenya although filmed in South Africa.


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