The British supported community fashion project helping to improve lives in Kenya

Since 2009, British online fashion and beauty store ASOS has partnered with ethical clothing manufacturer SOKO Kenya to help educate, train and employ those in one of the most disadvantaged areas of Kenya.

The result is the ASOS Made in Kenya range, which is manufactured with ethical production, sustainability and fairness at its core.

London fashion graduate Jo Maiden launched SOKO Kenya in 2009, with the aim of creating a manufacturing unit that could provide employment and support to the local community around it.

SOKO Kenya is based in the south-east of the country, on the Rukinga Conservancy. This Wildlife Works conservation area faces the highest rate of unemployment in the country, a high rate of HIV/AIDS and prostitution, as well as wildlife poaching and long periods of drought. With these factors in mind, fair wages, education, medical support and an environmentally-friendly factory were all crucial pillars to building the business.

With the support of ASOS, the project has grown to provide a stitching academy for young girls, a support hub for those yet to find employment, classes in financial and computer literacy, eye-care, rain catchers for clean drinking water and support for local primary schools.

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