Henry Bolton announces new political party

Kenyan born Henry Bolton has launched a new political party called OneNation.

Henry Bolton, the ousted Kenyan born former leader of the UK Independence Party, has announced he is setting up a new political party, OneNation.

Speaking about his new party, Mr Bolton, who was voted out last month at a meeting of UKIP members, said it would “campaign unceasingly for our full independence from the EU”.

“There is an urgent need for a new way of doing politics that truly involves communities,” he added.

Before being voted our as UKIP leader, Mr Bolton had said he was trying to reform the political party, and he has said that his new party’s structures and management would “mirror some of the changes that (he) sought to bring to UKIP”.

UKIP members voted to remove Mr Bolton as party leader last month at an emergency general meeting after controversy over racist messages sent by his partner, Jo Marney.

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