Did you know you can get your full state pension even though you are outside the UK?

John Waikunu of Devere Group.
John Waikunu of deVere Group.

If you are a Brit or an expat with 5 years or more experience in the UK then you are eligible to get your full state pension on retirement even if you are outside the UK. How? You may ask. Well its quite simple.

Pensions are one of the most crucial but ignored topics of all time, people are either too lazy to start the process or overwhelmed once they see the figures or just haven’t found the right financial adviser to work with. Before you know it, its too late to achieve a comfortable retirement.

UK state pension is about £8,300 per year, not much but surely a step in the right direction. By making your annual contribution, usually as low as £150 per year, you are eligible to get the full state pension on retirement. If you have missed a couple of years in the past then you also have the option of backdating your payments.

As an international wealth manager I find its easy to advise my clients to have a set financial objective for themselves as an after retirement plan and together we can build towards it. If your Goal is to have £50,000 annual income on retirement between you and your spouse for example, then by making your National Insurance contributions you have already knocked off £16,600 from that and the remaining £34,000 is now much easily achievable.

Send me an email and I will be more than glad to take you through the process on how you can be eligible for your full state pension and other avenues that you can take to achieve your financial objectives.

Please note: Brits in Kenya have no affiliation with deVere Group, and any financial decisions you may take are at entirely your own risk. 

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