BATUK and 1 Rifles team up for touch rugby masterclass in Nanyuki

BATUK touch rugby masterclass
BATUK and 1 Rifles Battlegroup at Nanyuki Primary School with some of the participants in their touch rugby masterclass. Photo: Facebook/BATUKOFFICIAL

Last Wednesday (24 January), a team from the British Army Training Unit Kenya (BATUK) and 1 Rifles Battlegroup visited Nanyuki Primary School to deliver a Touch Rugby Masterclass.

The Rifles Regiment are currently in Kenya prepare to deploy onto the first phase of Exercise Askari Storm.

The six-week exercise is bring coordinated by BATUK and is designed as the most extreme test of their skills short of an actual conflict situation.

Utilising BATUK’s extensive training areas, The Rifles are working to zero their Platoon weapon systems prior to the start of the live fire phase of the programme.

1 Rifles is a Regular Infantry Battalion based in Beachley Barracks, near Chepstow in Gloucestershire. The Battalion consists of around 550 Riflemen who deploy from their base location on training and operations worldwide.

Originally part of 3 Commando Brigade, 1 Rifles is now part of 1st (UK) Division – which heads up the British Army Light Role Adaptable Force, optimised for the challenges of today, both within the UK and abroad.

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