Jacob Rees-Mogg takes over from Suella Fernandes to head European Research Group

Jacob Rees-Mogg
Jacob Rees-Mogg (cropped from original by Chris McAndrew - used under the Creative Commons licence)

Conservative MP for North East Somerset, Jacob Rees-Mogg has been appointed to lead the influential European Research Group following Suella Fernandes’ promotion, and has vowed to use his position to shape Brexit.

The prominent Brexiteer has taken over from Suella Fernandes, who has Kenyan heritage, and Steve Baker, both of whom are now ministers in the Brexit department.

In a statement, Mr Rees-Mogg said: “I am delighted to have been elected in succession to Suella Fernandes and Steve Baker who were both superb chairmen.

“In this role I am keen to help the government implement the principles laid down by the prime minister, Mrs Theresa May, in her Lancaster House speech.

“It is especially important to achieve control of our laws, control immigration and achieve new trade agreements with other countries.

“The ERG speaks individually not with the collective view but has considerable support across the parliamentary party.

“As chairman I intend to be helpful, vigorous and supportive towards government policy of making a success of Brexit.”

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