Suella Fernandes promoted to Under Secretary role by Theresa May

Suella Fernandes
Suella Fernandes. Photo: Facebook

British Prime Minister Theresa May has promoted a Conservative MP of Kenyan heritage to the position of Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at Department for Exiting the European Union.

Suella Fernandes, whose parents arrived in Britain from Kenya and Mauritius in the 1960’s, is an influential eurosceptic lawmaker who will bolster the pro-Brexit ranks within the government.

The MP for Fareham, Locks Heath, Park Gate, Portchester, Sarisbury, Titchfield and Warsash is also head of the European Research Group, a faction of Conservative lawmakers that represents those pushing for a more radical departure from the EU which has more than 100 members.

Members of the group have the potential to derail May’s plans and even oust her as leader if they think she’s betraying the public’s 2016 vote to leave the EU.

On her website, she described the vote to leave the European Union as a “golden opportunity” for the country.

“Our withdrawal from the European Union will mean for the first time in a generation the British people, not Brussels, will control our law making, borders and who we trade with,” she said.

There is not a hard or soft Brexit. Leaving the EU means leaving the Single Market so we can control our own borders once more.

It means leaving the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice so we can take back control of our lawmaking.

It means unshackling ourselves from the Customs Union so we can boldly forge our own trade agreements with not just our European friends, but our global partners as well .

Her portfolio in the ministry will be announced in due course, a spokesman said.


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